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The International Education market is growing rapidly, but so far Korea has not tapped into this money-making industry. Korea is now rated as the 10th largest economy in the world, but the isolation in global education continues. The phenomenal growth and development of Korea can be ascribed to Korean devotion to Education, and Korea can become a desired destination for international education. Why has this not happened? The reason for this is mainly the lack of English skills, and an understanding of the international student recruitment and management process amongst educators. Countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and France have now opened their doors to foreign students by teaching through the medium of English, and their markets are growing. Especially in the Netherlands there has been great success, because they know that recruiting foreign educators with superior English language skills, and using English as the medium of instruction and general language of day-to-day operations, may be a way to enter the market, but there is more to the success of International Student Services than teaching through the medium of English. The creation of an International microcosm goes far beyond these actions.